History and philosophy

  • Storia Collinetta

History and philosophy

The Collinetta Cooperative has owned the hotel since 1944. This is currently made up of the Aquilana insurance company based in Baden/AG (former BBC/ABB company health insurance fund) and the Georg Fischer Welfare Foundation (Georg Fischer staff welfare foundation) based in Schaffhausen.

Until 1999, the Collinetta was run as a cure and holiday home in Ascona-Moscia in order to offer convalescents the relaxation they were looking for in a beautiful and quiet location. As of 01.01.2000, the house was successfully converted into a hotel with restaurant.

The current owners take their strategic responsibility very seriously and, together with the management, are always committed to continuous development, all-round good quality and the financial stability of the house. This is why we have been able to run our Hotel Collinetta as a ***Superior Hotel for years. Because it is our declared goal today and in the future that our guests always feel comfortable and in good hands here in the hotel.

Continuous development
Financial stability
Long-standing clientele and collaborators
quality and sustainability