Where comfort meets environmental responsibility
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We are Swisstainable, part of the Swisstainable sustainability program, classified at Level I – committed. Our commitment to sustainable business development is evident through a series of initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-sustainable practices. Here at Hotel Collinetta, we firmly believe that hospitality should go hand in hand with environmental responsibility. We are proud to share with you our ongoing and concrete commitment to greener and more sustainable tourism.



Our commitment to sustainability


  • We offer a wide range of services and facilities that are geared towards sustainability. These include a free bike shed, rental e-bikes and bicycles for free use.
  • Our company car is an electric car, which helps reduce harmful emissions and promotes sustainable mobility in our community.
  • We provide 3 charging stations for electric cars and collaborate with Ticino Ticket to offer free transportation to our guests, thus reducing the environmental impact of car use.
  • We use solar energy through the installation of solar panels and a photovoltaic system. In addition, our swimming pool is heated exclusively with solar energy, which helps to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.
  • Every tap in the facility is equipped with a filter to reduce water consumption and waste.
  • We actively promote recycling and composting of waste throughout the facility, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. We provide recycling bins in every room and use eco-friendly or recyclable disposable products in the restaurant and throughout the hotel.
  • To limit the use of single-use plastic, we provide personal care products in the rooms in glass dispensers that are 100% natural and made in Switzerland.
  • In our restaurant, we focus on local, seasonal and sustainable products. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options on our menu to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • We provide information on sustainability in printed and digital form to raise awareness among our guests. We also organize events and activities that promote environmental awareness.
  • We work with local organizations to support conservation and sustainability projects in the community. We also involve our guests in local initiatives and sustainable activities to reinforce the positive impact of our actions.
  • We pay special attention to the needs of our employees and offer them the opportunity to take vacation and request desired days off during the week, two days off and public holidays.


We encourage our guests to adopt sustainable practices during their stay


  • Reduce the daily change of towels and bed linen, thus helping to reduce water consumption and the environmental impact of frequent washing.
  • Use water responsibly when showering, avoid wastage and help save water.
  • Use the air conditioning only when necessary, turn it off when it is not needed and set the temperature optimally for your comfort.
  • Keep the windows closed when cooling or heating the room to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Be careful not to waste food at the breakfast buffet, choose portions wisely and avoid waste.
  • During your stay, use the free public transportation offered by Ticino Ticket to help reduce the use of private vehicles and CO2 emissions.
3 charging stations for electric cars
Solar panels and photovoltaic system
Local products and vegetarian and vegan options