Attractions in the surrounding area

The property is 1.5 km from the centre of Ascona, in an area that is quiet but close to transportation, and 4 km from Locarno. From here you can reach many centres of interest or enjoy some leisure walking.

The lake and its islands

Brissago Islands on Lake Maggiore (2.4 km)

One of the most magical spots in Ticino is undoubtedly the Brissago Islands, a small subtropical paradise lapped by the waters of Lake Maggiore, easily reachable by boat. Thanks to their location the islands enjoy a particularly mild climate, which favoured the development of very particular vegetation consisting of rare and majestic trees, lush ferns and shrubs, and fragrant flowers that evoke an enchanted atmosphere. Over 1600 species of plants are grown in the park, originating from the Mediterranean region, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania.


Borromeo Islands (35 km)

Nestled in the beautiful and picturesque waters of Lake Maggiore, the Borromeo Islands are a precious lake archipelago rich in flora and fauna. Beloved by Ernest Hemingway and the favourite destination of the British Royal Family, the archipelago is formed by the monumental Isola Bella hosting the seventeenth century Borromeo Palace and its spectacular gardens, the picturesque Isola dei Pescatori, the Isola Madre – known for its botanical garden full of rare plants – the Isolino di S.Giovanni in front of Pallanza and the rock of Marghera.


Golf in Ticino

The mild Mediterranean climate, the rolling green hills and lush golf courses make Ticino the perfect area to go golfing.
Nearby is the Ascona Patriziale Golf Club. Just a few minutes further along the Maggia Valley is the Le Gerre Losone Golf Club. Both clubs are oases of peace and offer a unique sporting challenge.

Patriziale Golf Club
Via Lido 81, 6612 Ascona

Golf Club Gerre
6616 Losone


Ticino valleys, mountains, and vistas

Maggia Valley

Enjoy hours relaxing in the woods of this beautiful Ticinese valley where you can rediscover the traditional flavours of an age-old coexistence between man and nature. A region that knows how to welcome its guests in the best way. From typical “grottos” where you can enjoy dishes of the Ticino culinary tradition al fresco under the trees, to the numerous restaurants that highlight the unique qualities of local products. Visit the gorge of Ponte Brolla, the mountain church in Mogno or the Cevio museum.

Verzasca Valley

The light green of the Verzasca is magical: like glowing jade, the water forges its path through the smooth rocks. In Lavertezzo it flows beneath the picturesque double Bridge of Jumps: here, alongside the Verzasca river, there are comfortable stone beds, natural whirlpools and, on the Brione Sentierone, 17 works of art. A swim here, in such a romantic and unique setting, is a must. But those who chase high-adrenaline challenges should visit Lake Vogorno, at the entrance of the valley: here, from the 220 m Verzasca dam, even James Bond has leapt into the void, held only by a rubber rope. For those who want to challenge themselves: the “007 Bungee Jump” lasts 7.5 seconds. –


The CENTOVALLI region offers an extensive network of easy-to-follow trails in the middle of wild and unspoiled nature, replete with signs of a past still alive in memory. In Verdasio a small cable car takes you up to Rasa. Up here it feels like time has stopped; and in fact you can stop, to admire a typical Ticino village that is still inhabited.


The breathtaking sight that can be enjoyed from Cardada is definitely the most striking aspect of this splendid mountain, which is why it’s known as “the pearl of Lake Maggiore”. Whether you’re walking along the numerous trails, or relaxing at a table in one of its cosy restaurants, at an elevation of 1,340 m Cardada offers a wonderful view over the whole of the magnificent Locarno region: from the Magadino plain and along the Maggia delta to its boundary at Maggiore Lake and extending to neighbouring Italy beyond the Brissago islands. Climbing to an altitude of 1,670 m/s/m up to Cimetta, the view widens further, opening up a 360-degree panorama that spans the entire basin of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding Alps. The view that one enjoys from Cimetta is absolutely unique, as it allows you to see two extremes of our country: the lowest point of Switzerland, i.e. the Maggia delta between Locarno and Ascona, and the highest point, located on the Punta Dufour Monte Rosa massif, which stands between the imposing Alps on the western horizon.

In winter, when there are special weather conditions, from Cardada and Cimetta you can witness the fascinating sea of ​​fog covering the whole basin of Lake Maggiore. A spectacle of nature that allows you to imagine the region during the last ice age.

Bosco Gurin

Founded in 1253 by Walser settlers coming from the Valais, Bosco Gurin is a beautiful village nestled in the hollow of the Forest Valley in the Vallemaggia District. With its 1504 metre elevation above sea level, it is the highest village of the Canton of Ticino and is the only German-speaking Ticino Municipality. Its 60 permanent residents are active mainly in agriculture, but also in the tourism sector: Bosco Gurin is in fact one of the most popular ski destinations in the Canton.

The inhabitants of “Gurin” learn the Walser dialect “Ggurijnartitsch” from an early age and speak it fluently. The connection to Walser culture and tradition is evident not only in the spoken language, the traditional architecture made of peat, old stables, Gadumtschi, and traditional houses. Even the place names reflect the history of these colonizers of the Alps, with names such Grossalp, Zum Schwarza Brunna, Bann, Martschenspitz, and Ritzberg to name a few.

And there are also many the legends, like the one that tells of Weltu, the mythical character with backwards feet that lives in the woods around the village.

Monte Tamaro

A unique view of the pre-Alpine landscape, the lakes, and the snow-capped Alps.
Monte Tamaro is a mountain located in the triangle between Lugano – Bellinzona – Locarno. From Rivera (easily accessible by public and private transport), a convenient cable car takes you to Alpe Foppa at 1,530 metres above sea level where you find a great restaurant, the church Santa Maria degli Angeli designed by Mario Botta. From here you can find many attractions: scenic walks, a new innovative children’s playground, the bob sled, the Tyrolean and the start of new track for lovers of Downhill.
At the intermediate station of the gondola you’ll find: the Adventure Park, the Tamaro Jumping, the beginning of the freeride track, and a reception area with a snack bar and free WIFI.


Culture & Museums in Ascona

The Municipal Museum of Modern Art is located in a lovely late sixteenth-century building overlooking Via Borgo: it hosts a significant selection of the permanent collection of the town and is home to two foundations.

The Marianne Werefkin Foundation and the Richard Seewald Foundation: The town collection was established back in 1922, when many of the artists who settled in Ascona decided to donate one of their works to create the basis for a future municipal museum.

To keep updated on exhibitions and/or permanent or seasonal cultural entertainment, visit the Office of Tourism website: